Graphic Delinquency


The art of Graffiti is either shocking or goes unnoticed. There is usually no middle ground, leading to it being a marginal practice. By taking Graffiti out of the public space, GRAPHIC DELINQUENCY aims to change its perception and give Graffiti a greater value than is usually associated with it. Miguel Monzon takes Graffiti out of its usual habitat—the street—to give value to a graphic activity that often is stigmatized due to its controversial bases and origins.

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Volker 2021-07-16 18:51:55

Hey Miguel, great B.A. Love it! All the best!!!!!!!! V

stephanie.ibanez 2021-07-16 18:47:42

This is an amazing concept. Where can I get one of these rugs?!

Janina Wesnigk