A Peculiar World

Janina Wesnigk

The book you are about to read or browse through is a collection, of all the weird and peculiar stories that lived and slowly piled up in my head over the last years. All of those remarkably strange tales and poems, from Edgar Allen Poe to Tim Burton. And the horror stories we should not tell children, like Stephen King’s work or the fairy tales from the Grimm brothers. And as my own mind likes to spin some strangeness as well, you will also find stories and poems, full of monsters, odd beings and classical horror, written by myself. All of them are illustrated by hand, to show the worlds that usually hide and to give the “peculiar” its own time to shine.

Janina Wesnigk

Hi, my name is Janina. I'm 22 years old and just did my Bachelor Degree in Communication Design at the University of applied sciences Europe - BTK Art & Design. I´ve had a passion for drawing since I was a child, which remained to this day. But I also like to use other mediums like Photography or Typography. In my personal art, I like to focus on the more morbid side of things, as I love horror stories, monsters and mystical creatures of every kind. My biggest goal is always the generation of a feeling. I want to create emotions through my art and let the people who look at it be part of another world.

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Kes Whitehouse 2021-12-06 21:12:22

Hey!! Your art is so amaizng and it's such an inspiration to my work, since i also love morbid things and painting. I love horror art and i hope to make more. You are such an inspiration!!

Michelle Aylward