The Great Yosha

Tung Thanh Cao

Tung Thanh Cao's game THE GREAT YOSHA aims to explore the concept of conversation in a world where everyone is connected through their emotions. By slipping into the role of The Great Yosha, Serban, the players need to try their best to survive their assassination by dying and reliving the same scenario—with new knowledge of the world and the characters surrounding them.

Tung Thanh Cao

I am a powerful sorcerer with a passion for creating new parallel realities (making games) who possess both reality-altering magic (programming skills) and arcane insights (game design skills). Oh, and my favourite design tasks are narrative design and gameplay design.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I hope to be a creative director working on a AAA Role-playing game or an MMORPG.

What is a good design for you?

A good design gives the player the designer's intended experience.
A good design is consistent and complements the other design features surrounding it.

What was the most challenging experience during your studies?

II was stuck in Vietnam for a semester due to Covid and had to work with a team where everyone has different timezones due to being stuck in their own country.

Who or what inspires you?

Watching other people make games and playing new amazing games.

How do you approach a new project?

Find the core game play loop -> Craft a game world around it -> Grind out the content

What advice would you give to students who just started studying in your programme?

Treat every project seriously and try your best to NOT give up on them.

Have you changed during your studies? How?

I've gone from "let's make an open-world RPG with combat mechanics, trade and dynamic factions!" to "can we just have a game with a working game loop then perhaps some dialogues in it?".

Why did you choose to study in your programme?

After I graduated in Vietnam as a programmer, I wanted to pursue my dream of making games instead of coding websites and other stuff. So I came here.

What are you not going to miss in your studies?

Writing process books.

How are you going to celebrate your graduation?

By applying job applications to different companies..... :(

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