Jano Bruns

Jano Bruns

Hi, im an Videographer and Photgrapher. Although i studied Communication Design :)

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Making Movies

What is a good design for you?

Something that inspires me

What was the most challenging experience during your studies?

Attending Classes

Who or what inspires you?


How do you approach a new project?

Just do it.

What advice would you give to students who just started studying in your programme?

Dont be to hard to yourself and try your best.

Have you changed during your studies? How?

Maturing and how i see the World around me

Why did you choose to study in your programme?

I was intrested in Design

What are you not going to miss in your studies?

Roundabout everything

How are you going to celebrate your graduation?

Beer and Wine

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