Wantzu Lee

SMEMORY is a digital data mirror to record scents that are linked to one's memories, adding deeper value to a diary that truly takes the user back into the past. Equipped with a sensor sticker, a fragrance device and the matching app, the user can track their emotions and the surrounding odors of the moment to send the data to their smartphone, creating an unique journal entry.

Wantzu Lee

Wantzu Lee is an interaction designer specialist with 6+ years of experience in the management of the complete design process, from conceptualization to delivery. She has a diverse range of design experiences spanning web design, packaging and branding. In order to give clients a higher quality design, She is currently studying for a Master's in Visual & Experience Design at UE Berlin to expand her design practice. Material exploration is key to her practice as it affords design concepts a flexible space within which ideas can be effectively and efficiently expressed.

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