meet galatea, meet yourself

Tabish Shakil

The digital platform MEET GALATEA,MEET YOURSELF keeps track of every aspect of the user’s life and provides a different perspective of themselves from an external point of view.
Tabish Shakil gives users a detailed overview of their activities, habits, patterns and behavioural trends, with the aim of using this information to better themselves. The platform monitors communications such as calls, messages and mails, configuring these into an effective schedule to remind of upcoming appointments and commitments. The integrated “psychology” feature studies communications and makes a judgement on the mental state of the user, in turn giving advice if needed. The full analysis of this data is presented to the user along with a detailed view of which aspects of behavioural patterns contributed to the platform coming to these specific conclusions.
By giving corrective measures, positive reinforcements and assistive suggestions MEET GALATEA,MEET YOURSELF provides a way for self-improvement and self-reflection.

Tabish Shakil

i’m a designer. i am not a graphic designer, or a product designer, or a data visualiser. design is not a skill, it is a way of thinking.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

applying design thinking in every aspect of my life

What is a good design for you?

for me, design started with photography. more specifically, portraiture on monochrome film. strip away the colour from a photograph, and what you are left with is the black & white form — the essence of the feeling you wanted to capture in the first place. 

What was the most challenging experience during your studies?

considering the times we live in, the sterile nature of online collaborations

Who or what inspires you?

communication is not the key, simplicity is. it is the key to the lock(lack?) of communication which opens the door to new possibilities.

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