Lucy Szulinska

In her photo series POSTBEAUTY, Lucy Szulinska questions what beauty means to us today and our reasons for not accepting ourselves. Szulinska sees beauty as a changing ideal which is twisted and broken, particularly in the digital world. Through numerous graphic changes, Szulinska aims to bring her models closer to the digitalised realm, in which they lose their personal, human characteristics and become just data.
In a 3 part process, the artist first presents the curved reality people create online, through deformed, strangely arranged bodies. These represent what happens when we allow ourselves to be transformed and how we lose ourselves. She goes on to explore the processes and tools people use to convince themselves and others that they look different, ultimately introducing 3D scans of the manipulated body. Szulinska finds that in these, faces become separated from identity as they become pixelated, rendered and property of the digital realm.

Lucy Szulinska

Born in Warsaw, Poland. Culture Scientist and Photographer. Her interests focus on the secrets of the human's body. Her fascination with bodily imperfections results from her previous experience in fashion photography and the disease she has been struggling with since her earliest years. She searches for unobvious beauty in people and places.

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Liliana 2021-08-24 00:38:56

I love this project so much. Such an approach!

Karen López