Karen López

Karen López explores innovation design and innovation culture in her research-based project CULTURE TRANSFORMATION IN DESIGN-DRIVEN ORGANIZATIONS, finding that design-driven organizations are those that have managed to effectively implement soft and hard design skills within their processes to satisfy the user. As a collateral result, the culture of these organisations also changes and requires the implementation of strategies to make innovation permanent.
Aiming to find the success factors of an innovation culture, López takes design-driven organizations such as IBM and 3M and four well-known Latin American companies that have implemented design-based innovation systems in recent years, as reference. The analysis of the success factors is based on the Building Blocks of Innovation Model proposed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) as well as four extra factors resulting from a symmetry analysis with other innovation culture models.

Karen López

Industrial Engineer, specialist in Innovation Design & Project
Management, with international certificates in Scrum Master and Double Diamond, as well as the domain of design thinking tools and methodologies.
I have 6 years of work experience related to data analysis, software development, business ideas development, marketing strategies, workshop facilitator, and last but not least I have been a staff leader.
I’m characterized by my creativity, decision-making criteria, teamwork spirit, problem-solving mindset and detail-oriented.

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