Data Openness and Transparency

Sawako Tsuzuki

Sawako Tsuzuki’s project PANKET. explores data ecosystems and the effect exploited data under surveillance capitalism has on our daily life. In relation to this, Tsuzuki provides a platform which focuses on users' human rights and proposes a speculative design for a future where users have more authority over data privacy. PANKET. advocates for openness and transparency for companies, enabling users the manage their data all in one place. It visualises the data used by companies and aims to educate, allowing users to make responsible decisions for their future by improving their understanding of how sharing data with companies influences their life. PANKET. provides more control over data privacy, and suggests possible alternatives beyond asking to have information deleted, leaving a service altogether, or continuing to fall prey to having personal data exploited.

Sawako Tsuzuki

I am a berlin-based Experience Designer with a background as a marketing/data strategist, art director and graphic designer in Tokyo. I believe the power that design influences people, and explore more about UI/UX design.

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