Maria Jose Gatica

Based on a synaesthetic experience, Maria Jose Gatica's SYCO (Synesthetic Composition) becomes an interactive sensorial installation exploring technology towards the perception of our body in space. In SYCO, the body is understood as the instrument of creation and technology the bridge to communicate our corporeal expression. The body is conceived as a tool to evaluate the potential of movement, balance, and proprioception in a body-focused interactive sound composition.
Driven by an abstract, experimental exploration of our corporeal creativity, our movements are mirrored in an unexpected artistic composition. Real-time sounds are triggered by the variation of body movements in space. Through this tool, artists can potentiate their talent by paying more attention to the somatic experience of creation by immersing themselves through multiple sensorial perspectives.

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pallavi.sen 2021-08-21 15:33:13

Great work!!

Henri Asmar