The Beautiful & The Sublime

Liana Samira Justus

SYMBIOSIS: THE BEAUTIFUL & THE SUBLIME is a sensorial and emotional exposure to aesthetics. Liana Samira Justus presents an audio-visual teaser for an LP release with an additional record, liner note and poster designs.
The project builds on the understanding that aesthetics trigger a range of emotions, such as enjoyment, excitement or fright. These sensations are acknowledged by the brain before we consciously process and manipulate them. Justus depicts macro recordings of liquids, which are very graphic and abstract, and examines the interplay between the two subjects ‘The beautiful and the sublime’ as descended from the theory of aesthetics. The concept revolves around the fusion and transaction of two worlds. It aims to create a general understanding of two individual forms and how they live in exchange, thereby encouraging everyone to find their individual interpretation.

Liana Samira Justus

I am a young graphic designer from Hamburg, Germany and currently based in Berlin.
Studying communication design has taught me a full spectrum of creative and technical skills to communicate ideas and solve problems.

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3 comments in total

Christian Justus 2021-07-21 21:41:40

Nice work, Sami. Look very much forward to the completed film. The music is a great match.

stephanie.ibanez 2021-07-16 18:45:31

Love your work, Sami! Very eery and compelling, the video gave me chills :-)

Ale 2021-07-16 18:35:13

this project is amazing!! congrats :)

Janina Wesnigk