Inner Dialogues

Kateřina Kabelková

INNER DIALOGUES is a series capturing a female model creating her own space and her own shield by using only her body language. This energy is then projected while searching for its receiver. 
The same concept is applied to the male model: His aura is craving interaction and there are no words, only non-verbal communication. It visualizes the untouchable space, the gap between people. This series is a visual commentary on how social crisis changes and reshapes human behaviour towards others. However, the invisible distance still remains. It can be a metaphor for two magnets that oppose each other at the beginning, but then connect, when they find the way.

Kateřina Kabelková

Visual artist from Prague.

What is a good design for you?

Subtle and tender visual with a progressive message that resonates.

What was the most challenging experience during your studies?

Stepping out of my ego.

Who or what inspires you?

Any kind of visual expression that pushes the limits.

How do you approach a new project?

By visualizing the unanswered question.

What advice would you give to students who just started studying in your programme?

Bring your own food.

Have you changed during your studies? How?

Safe to say, I stopped taking myself so seriously.

Why did you choose to study in your programme?

Photography felt like the right medium for expression.

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anne-ch plate 2021-03-24 17:56:09

Hi Katerina, Good to see your very sensual and beautiful work. I hope, you are alright given the circumstances. All the best, Anne ( Visibility&Design)

Nikolas Joshua Klein