Final Bloom


On Saturday 29th August 2020, FK-Kollektiv opened its doors to the Trinissage (yes) of FINAL BLOOM, an exhibition that picks up on the eerie charm of a world in which nature and culture are inextricably entwined, where the state of each is altered by the other. What lines the wall and fills the space is a shuddering romanticism of ruins for the age of cyborgs.

The exhibition is in tune with a contemporary line of thought that does not idealize nature as an origin to be recovered or the human as an entity distinct from technology. Instead, it looks at the many ways in which nature and artifice are and have been merging, cherishing the strange, hybrid or queer forms that make their claims to existence.

Featuring works from Isabelle Hore-Thorburn, Lærke Lauesen, Róbert Weinraub, Thomas Stanka, Gosia Maria Jagiello, Anna Maria Baur, Gil Corujeira, Bertrand Paslierl, Adela Ioana, Lex Kortenoeven, Zack Helwa, Bea Rodrigues, Linus Muellerschoen, Irene Cruz and Phoebe Ball.

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Sarah Grethe