Artists Books

Asscher Annink, Kelly Diepenbrock, Giovanna Formenti, Nikol Gaspar, Ailin Herzkovich, Liana Samira Justus, Anna Nahr, Donald Nezungai, Tran Dieu Anh Nguyenova, Gema Martin Parejo, Chiara Pezzano, Sabina Pyper, Beatriz Rodrigues Szikora, Nhat Ha Tran, Isabel Von Der Ahe

In cooperation with Montana State University, this project’s aim was to achieve greater cultural understanding and expression by pairing German and American university students to work collaboratively on an artist book project. Together each pair of students planned their artist book structure and page content under the guidance of instructors at the University of Applied Sciences Europe and Montana State University. They worked with the theme of “movement” to create visual narratives about their respective experiences in Berlin and Montana. Once planning was complete, the students used their campus letterpress studios to create the pages of their artist books, using lead or wood type, linoleum carvings, or printing plates. Students then mailed their printed pages to each other via the participating universities, and the artist books were assembled and completed with the help of the instructors. The project was featured in Pressing Matters Magazine Issue 11, April 2020.

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Lilly Bremer, Isabel Steudel, Michelle Reinhard