Media Spaces Kurs 2019

A collaboration with the Master in Transdisciplinary New Media at Paris College of Arts, Fall 2019.

WANDERLUST is a collaborative project conceived as an opportunity to experiment – through the richness of the physical space of two cities (Berlin & Paris) and the virtual space - the gesture of wandering. Through the question „In which way can New Media help establish our relationship to space?”, one rethinks and reinvents the possibilities of reflection, creation and intervention through New Media before the importance, the constraints and the persistence of walking in the world.

Dedicated to developing a collaborative and interdisciplinary project through a shared creative process, the group challenges its understanding of different tools and methods, developing hybrid systems and interdisciplinary solutions. Wandering is the pillar of the experimentation and of the comparison between proximity and space between two districts (10º arrondissement de Paris and „Mitte” district in Berlin). By impersonating the flaneur’s role, students provide a phenomenological analysis, a better understanding and perception of the spatial structure of the given areas through an exercise of exploration (architecture, density, speed, etc.) questioning/playing the possibilities of the cultural fabric of Paris and Berlin.

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Asscher Annink, Kelly Diepenbrock, Giovanna Formenti, Nikol Gaspar, Ailin Herzkovich, Liana Samira Justus, Anna Nahr, Donald Nezungai, Tran Dieu Anh Nguyenova, Gema Martin Parejo, Chiara Pezzano, Sabina Pyper, Beatriz Rodrigues Szikora, Nhat Ha Tran, Isabel Von Der Ahe