Hair It Is

Chantal Marie Biwersi

HAIR IT IS is a zine created by Chantal Marie Biwersi, exploring and highlighting the unique texture of Afro hair and patterns that can be seen in Afro hairstyles through acrylic illustrations. The accompanying text is a transcript of an interview with Kathleen Cleaver, known for her involvement with the Black Power movement and the Black Panther party.

Source: Kathleen Cleaver: "Interview on Natural Hair" produced by Educational Video Group (Greenwood, in: Educational Video Group, 1968)

Chantal Marie Biwersi

Chantal Marie Biwersi is an Illustrator living and studying in Berlin. She mainly focuses on expressive Character Designs and illustrating believable worlds.

Growing up in Germany with African roots, it has been difficult for her to connect to her African culture and traditions. Exploring these themes in her works has helped her in understanding an important part of her identity.

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