Season 227

Anna-Lena Hoyler

SEASON 227 is an interactively haptic visual essay publication, that thematizes the process of rediscovering a long-lost childhood daydream by visualizing an interaction one may have between one’s past and present self. With fashion and its ability to impact an individual throughout their life being a core theme of the publication, multiple garments were designed, sewn and contextualized specifically to help tell the story of the book. The visual essay tells the story of memory recollection through flashes of images, that at times show up as fragmented pieces and make use of modern and more dated technology to dive into the envisioned daydream.

Anna-Lena Hoyler

born and raised in Austria
not that much more to me <3

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Süveyda 2022-01-29 00:35:56

It was fun working with you! The result turned out amazing, love it! Congrats and much success in the future!

Cindy Köhler