The Vine of Eastern Europe

Xuanda Tong

"The Vine of Eastern Europe" is a project that delves into the challenges faced by Eastern European countries in recent years. Due to global political unrest, a massive influx of refugees and immigrants into Europe has resulted in employment tensions and strained social resources in Eastern Europe, impacting the cultural identity and social order of local residents. Moreover, the complex geopolitical environment of Eastern Europe, characterized by profound historical and cultural differences among various countries and ethnic groups, has limited the personal development opportunities for young people. Focusing on the younger generation, many of whom are leaving their hometowns in search of better life and career opportunities, this project reflects the direction of development in Eastern Europe during this transitional period. The aim of this project is to articulate this phenomenon, offering a glimpse into the challenges of national development from one perspective.

Xuanda Tong

A photographer specializing in documentary photography and non-fiction writing.

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Vivian Maier

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Photograph after research

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