Mona Schüler

BLACK is an experimental short film by Mona Schüler. The film examines the topic of ‘inner demons’, standing for one's own expectations towards oneself. More specifically, the film captures the fear of not being able to meet these expectations, as well as the process of dealing with this fear. The work combines shot footage and animation, as well as performance.
The message of the film: Everything is flawed.

Mona Schüler

Design graduate, artist and dancer Mona began gaining interest in filmmaking during the course of her studies. Combining spoken lyrical text with image, she lets the viewer be part of her inner thoughts, creating visuals filled with personality. Her work is characterized by her eerie illustration style, which adds a dark and individual appeal.

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robert.ritter 2022-01-28 19:14:45

I love your film and the meaning behind it

Marla Haupt