This is Beirut

Leander Rambichler-Praxmarer

In his photo book, Leander captures the vibrant colors and culture of the city, as well as the many faces of its people. A city of contrasts and contradictions, where East meets West, history blends with modernity, and the future awaits. Where ancient ruins stand side by side with modern skyscrapers and the bustling daily life of its inhabitants is intertwined with the beauty of its natural surroundings. Take a journey to a vibrant city where ancient culture and modern life live side by side. 

Lebanon and its once dazzling capital Beirut have experienced profound changes over the past decades. Beirut used to be the playground of the jet set. It offered extraordinary freedom. A place for artists, poets and thinkers before it caught up in civil war in 1975.
THIS IS BEIRUT is a narrative of Beirut‘s daily life, its contrasting faces and its powerful attraction.

Leander Rambichler-Praxmarer

Photographer Leander Rambichler-Praxmarer was born in the Austrian Mountains in 1997. Endlessly fascinated by the photographic medium, he has always strived to translate complex ideas and abstract concepts into something instantaneous yet loaded with expression and meaning.

He believes that his work is a communicative process that incorporates both Analog and Digital Photography, as well as Graphic and Visual Design.

Leander is passionate about capturing and narrating stories with his images. His work focuses on outdoor and adventure sports, travel, and advertising photography, and he is driven by a desire to create authentic visual narratives.

He has a diverse portfolio that has been featured in publications such as Geo Magazine, big advertisements including NYC and many other websites and print media.

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