Kateryna Zymina

"The House of Color" is a project that introduces the viewer to the fascinating world of color and its immeasurable influence on human emotions, feelings and actions. Through the visual interpretation of the conflict of color with the visual composition within each room of the house, "The House of Color" seeks to provocatively influence the viewer by causing visual discomfort.

This project may be considered as a certain experiment, which will convincingly demonstrate whether a color can make a person experience certain feelings or emotions regardless of the composition being exposed to this color. Each room of the project "The House of Color" is a visual composition that contradicts, due to conventional associations, the color chosen for this room, making the observer wonder what puzzle in their perception of their vision does not fit. Therefore, as a possible conclusion, the answer to this question should be the color.

The first commonly perceived associative row to the color red is often passion, strength and power. However, in the mismatched composition of the room, this color becomes a background for a cheerful children's party, where children are having fun and feasting. Something that does not correspond to the traditional ideas of red associated with passion, power and strength. The underlying concept of the project is to provoke discomfort and misunderstanding by demonstrating through these feelings how  big a role color plays in our lives and what significant influence it has on our sense of the world and its perception.

Mark Komives