MAGNUM OPUS - "Creation", "Doorway of Truth", "The Union"

Sofia Valdes

Sofia Valdes' project MAGNUM OPUS "CREATION", "DOORWAY OF TRUTH", "THE UNION", explores the hermetic symbolism of Wiccan belief, one form of hermeticism. The hermetic system has influenced various beliefs and the meaning of their symbolism, including alchemy and Wiccan belief.
“Humankind cannot gain anything without first giving something of equal value in return", says Alchemy’s first law of Equivalent Exchange. In Wiccan belief, symbolism is attributed to life, death, and creation in relation to the lunar stages. One is not born Wicca, one is born human, but to achieve the transition to Wiccan, one must achieve the liberation of human life through a rebirth in the Wicca culture.

Sofia Valdes

Creative since childhood, I moved to the city of Berlin in 2017 to study communication design and develop my skills as an artist, transforming my hobby and passion into my profession. Considering myself a pragmatic person, I believe that true excellence comes with creativity, practice and experience.

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