second skin.

Shahrukh Siddiqui

SECOND SKIN is a digital skin camouflage projection device and an app which allows users to add a layer of skin to their body, particularly on their face, using high-speed body projection to be worn on the head. The app, designed and presented by Shahrukh Siddiqui, contains features that allow the user to reconstruct their faces, modify facial features, add camouflage to it and project it on their faces. That way people with skin conditions will regain confidence and self-esteem as the second skin conceals obvious scars and face conditions. Social features embedded in the app further enable discovery of inspiration and daily motivation from others with similar skin conditions.

Shahrukh Siddiqui

Berlin based intrepid digital mastermind with 7 years of creative
experience in advertising, fashion, technology, education and
f&b. I started as a digital designer which directed towards ui/ux
design . I'm amazingly professional front-end developer too,
loves crafting websites and mobile apps. Handles diverse range
of clients all by myself, I am a powerful individual that go above
and beyond to develop custom tailored solution to digital problems.

I listen, conceptualise, present and refine.

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