Natascha Christina Petersen

The project I/O, consisting of a photo book and a video installation, challenges the theoretical aspects of the ‘New Theory’ on a practical level and inquires into the boundaries of what a photograph actually is when it is digitised and converted into 1’s and 0’s. By manipulating the photographs in the software Dragonfly – used to create models for analysis and works by analysing light-intensity of pixels – the photographs are transformed and investigated. The soundscape fo the video installation was created using the software Audacity, where the binary code of a photograph is converted into sound rather than a visual output. The project also addresses the question of agency, a question which has been a constant in photographic theory, by asking who the author is: nature, apparatus or photographer. Finally, I/O seeks to understand when a photograph stops being a photograph, and starts being something else.

Natascha Christina Petersen

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

In the field of photography.

What is a good design for you?

A concept with many layers.

What was the most challenging experience during your studies?

Time management.

Who or what inspires you?

I always get very inspired when I look through my photo books or go to exhibitions. Also reading.

How do you approach a new project?

I usually take some time thinking and brainstorming on the concept and what I want to say/figure out and how, and then I start photographing.

What advice would you give to students who just started studying in your programme?

Think about your time management.

Why did you choose to study in your programme?

I wanted to learn more about photography on a practical and theoretical level, to become a better photographer and to understand the medium.

What are you not going to miss in your studies?

Printing before classes.

How are you going to celebrate your graduation?

With a glass of wine and good company.

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