Cerelac 18+

Leonor Boavida

CERELAC 18+ rebrands NESTLÈ'S CERELAC milk that suffered from several boycotts after being accused of unethical methods of promoting infant formula over breast milk to poor mothers in developing countries. Leonor Boavida changed the purpose of the product from being used for babies and toddlers to a method of stress relief and calming escapism for adults. The inclusive design, images, catchphrases and adult-friendly jokes shared across social media raise interest among the target group, giving them the opportunity to leave their worries behind and to relive an essential aspect of their childhood.

Leonor Boavida

Leonor Boavida, a stressed 22-year-old design student with gray hairs, believes in the most unrealistic things, which enables innovative ideas. While still trying to figure out what type of design speaks to her the most, she is very excited about the journey of self-exploration. She aims to contribute her best to the design community with the help of unrealistic beliefs. Leonor is an expressive visual designer with an aptitude to define design as a mode of storytelling, and is focused on the fast paced nature of contemporary design as it tracks changes in society and reflects the essence of humanity itself.

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Loving your work, wish you lotsa success!

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