Online Silk Road

Juncheng Chen

The maritime and land silk roads were a series of trade routes linking the East and the West during ancient times. They served as paths to facilitate intercultural exchange of goods and information, carrying the implication that communication is the most crucial starting point of human civilization. Juncheng Chen hopes to facilitate Sino-German online information communication as well as cultural and economic interactions, in addition to establishing an efficient and convenient platform by utilizing modern internet technologies and borrowing the historical symbol of the ancient silk road. His ultimate goal for the web-portal is to establish a third ONLINE SILK ROAD in addition to the existing ones.

Juncheng Chen

I have three hobbies: smoking, bathing and getting a haircut.

What is a good design for you?

I believe that the basic condition for good design is to be accepted by the market. Essentially, design is different from art. Art can detach from reality, with wildness and fantasy. However, design must build on actuality and needs to be recognized by the market. Designers, as craftsmen, differ from artists as well. We abide by the spirit of contract and exchange equal economic benefits with the same amount of perfect work within our limit. Designers’ works should be for and serve the public and be embraced by the market. They are not only for self-entertainment and self-expression. As a designer in pursuit of perfectionism, I think this is a red line that I should uphold.

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