JUUL Identity Re-design

Bezawit Moges

Bezawit Moges redesigns the identity of the popular e-cigarette brand JUUL to offer a critical look at a recent public health scandal they were involved in. Their latest marketing campaign was heavily criticized due to the fact that it overtly promoted youth nicotine addiction in America. Moges' adaption of the former visuals greatly exaggerates the association to food products to criticize JUUL's marketing techniques.

Bezawit Moges

I grew up in Ethiopia in a community of rich cultural heritages and diverse artistic expressions. Hence, art and culture have always been a part and a representation of my identity, imbuing me with an inherent need to create and share. This passion, coupled with my desire to help others and create socially impactful work, was what attracted me to technology. During my studies and a two year stint as a business analyst in financial tech, I realized design was my true passion, allowing me to occupy a space where I could draw influences from art, culture and technology to leave an emotional impact on people’s lives. I believe happiness is embodied by intermittent moments of transcendence, and as a designer, I aspire to help people experience such moments of passion in their lives either through art or a meaningful product. I also strive for my work to inspire the design community by distilling great works of the past and speculating on the possibilities of the future.

What is a good design for you?

Good design for me is design that solves a problem and inspires.

How do you approach a new project?

I approach new projects by seeking inspiration from what has been done.

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