Francesca Villa

Francesca Villa’s project 2 WAYS creates a hybrid art piece that combines aspects of two different but connected realities, ourself and our digital self. The division is represented as a poster and a VR set, using the combined geometric shape of a rectangle and a circle to connect the real and virtual realities and to represent the imperfect realities of an imperfect human. The “real” world is contemplated by the spectator on the poster. When the spectator puts on the VR headset a new environment appears which the visitor is invited to explore. The virtual experience can create the feeling of getting lost, dues to the magic portals inside the virtual reality space. A poster symbol appears under virtual reality to guide the spectator where she/he is.

Francesca Villa

I’m a interaction/ graphic designer based in Berlin were I hope I can develop as a designer and artist.
My interests are music, art, design and coding.

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