Camila Ocampo-Selbach

WATCH YOUR STEP is a street art guide to teach and encourage eco-friendly behaviour. It spreads awareness of the problem, makes the user rethink their actions and offers customizable solutions that can be applied in the moment. QR Codes in strategic and public places inform smartphone users about ways to reduce the carbon footprint.

Camila Ocampo-Selbach

Camila Ocampo-Selbach studied Architecture at the Autonomous University of Mexico, in Mexico City. There, she learned how to engage with her surroundings to create design with value. As a keen observer, her thoughts often gravitate toward how everyday experiences can be creatively incorporated into her practice. She is an avid risk taker who reveals in operating outside her comfort zone, knowing that it rewards her with novel ideas. When she commits to something, it’s because she believes in it, puts her heart and passion into it and does not let go until it is perfectly simple, unique and cool enough for the world to see it.

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