Mirror, Mirror

Francesca Fromme

Francesca Fromme's MIRROR, MIRROR is a zine about the male gaze on social media. It visualizes how women are perceived online and how it affects their perception of themselves. Repeatedly, we see more instances of plastic surgery and beauty filters arising which turns Instagram into a space that is heavily occupied with importance of external appearance. Women are being sold the idea that having the freedom of surgically changing their bodies, altering their appearance for external validation and basing their value on likes and engagement, is an act of feminism. All of the practices women and especially influencers pursue, directly feed back into the male gaze, making it difficult to liberate the woman out of her rigid gender expectations.

Francesca Fromme

I'm a German / Italian graphic design graduate in Berlin. Throughout my studies I've mostly worked on projects that focus on mental health, feminism and environmental issues. Being personal & vulnerable has always benefitted me while creating, seen as it is the best way I tend to artistically express myself.

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aL 2022-02-18 15:22:09

Great stuff, very inspiring!

Meli 2022-01-28 22:05:23

yoo this slaps hard!! <3

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