Cloud 120*

Ahmed Al Zeyat

The multidisciplinary project CLOUD 120* created by Ahmed Al Zeyat goes under the digital reality realm. It introduces an experience that integrates public sculpture with music audiation in an interactive setup, enhancing the audiation experience with complex and rich content, a combination of music content and dynamic visual content.

The audiation experience is hybrid; it offers the audience the choice to run between two different modes, The Public and The Private, keeping the connection with the environment, thanks to the audio-reactive sculpture. It also observes the audience's audiation behaviour and distinguishes between the private and the secret within each individual audiation behaviour.

Ahmed Al Zeyat

Ahmed is a Spatial Design Specialist based in Berlin. Conceptual and creative with a hands-on approach. He can bring ideas to life by quickly prototyping and visualising rough concepts. Equipped with years of practice in user-centric methodology to create brand experiences, he approaches any challenge with a deliberate process that facilitates creative, intuitive ideas and consistent results every time. He has extensive knowledge in orchestrating creative projects encompassing a wide range of applications and various industries, from larger corporations such as Shell, Jaguar - Land Rover and Vodafone to innovative startups.

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