How to reuse and redesign clothes in order to get closer to a circular economy and a more sustainable long-lasting industry 

Agnes Marktop Ring

Agnes' bachelor project and thesis aimed to investigate today’s changing nature of design through a sustainable and circular design perspective. She wanted to focus on sustainable recycled clothing. For her project, she wanted to explore how to change and upgrade already produced textiles, and reuse them in different ways with hand-printed and hand-painted motives. She also wanted to investigate how we present ourselves in our fashion choices and, to understand and question our relationship to sustainable goals as well as minimize the “fast” fashion that both hurt our planet and are not long-lasting enough to reach our global goals. The technique she used for her investigation project was a lot of research, combined with interviews, and she also was actively creative in the field to understand the complexity of fashion and design. In her thesis, she collected information on the history of the subject, as well as the background to sustainable design as a circular economy and how it is connected. For her subject Communication Design, she explored different ways of designing such as a lookbook, a prototype for the website, branding identity, posters, and other mediums using the technics she learned during my years of studies.

The Prototype for Aease website and the QR code for the Figma Prototype If you want to try it our for real

Agnes Marktop Ring

From Malmö, Sweden

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