Ruben Babu

With AËR, Ruben Babu– in collaboration with Amrita Dutt and Elisa Roldán Restrepo – is presenting an app that tracks emotions of the user.
Building on the assumption that naming and understanding our emotions could help us heal and respond better to triggers to improve our lives and the ones of those around us, aër uses biosensors on a wrist-worn wearable and smartphone to passively track changes in our brain, skin, voice, heart and other physical signals. These signals then are assigned values that generate a visualization inspired by colourful corals.

Ruben Babu

Ruben Babu is an experienced digital product designer with a decade of expertise in Digital Transformation, Product Design & User Experience, delivering end-to-end design for digital products. He specialises in leading multi-disciplinary designers and establishing best UX practices within organisations.

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