Rashi Jain

REFLECTION is a digital product that aims to visualize and empower individuals to track their emotions experienced in lucid dreams. Let's face it, we don't want to be able to ignore our feelings; instead, we want tools to help us in understanding our underlying thoughts and emotions for us to respond in a useful, constructive way. What we experience in our dreams influences our waking life and vice versa.
REFLECTION is focused on providing emotional analysis experienced in dreams by tracking biometric signals collected from various sensors to create awareness among individuals which will aid us in comprehending our emotional experiences in our waking lives.

Rashi Jain

Visual & Experience Designer, Prior to focusing on design, Previously I studied Computer Science —this experience taught me the power of utilizing visual mediums Practically. I am an individual who is passionate about design problems- It allows me to improve the lives of others through design.

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Damini 2022-07-18 13:15:40

Hey! great one!

Mohanan Chithra Saraniya