OTO: Music safe-listening mode feature

Lorenzo Yori

Hearing music with headphones is a daily activity that everyone enjoys. Music is a companion in our lonely times. Music makes us forget the environment that surrounds us. Sadly, that can affect us and have long-term and permanent consequences for our hearing. The overuse of headphones with high-volume music for long hours has affected  users with Noise-induced Hearing Loss (NIHL). Since this problem has been increasing due to the widespread use of headphones/earbuds, there still needs to be more aware of how harmful it can be and how to practice safe listening.
Therefore,  Lorenzo as a musician and a music consumer wants, to tackle the lack of awareness of NIHL by designing a music-safe-listening mode feature called OTO. By adding this feature to their favorite music platform they can get access to real-life informative data regarding their music habits. By mapping the frequencies and volume of songs, the system will recommend different songs or music genres with different frequency ranges to balance the users' sound consumption and prevent NIHL. This system also includes a music genre and sound frequency consumption history in an intuitive data visualization for them to understand their listening habits through time.

Lorenzo Yori

Telling stories is my passion.
Relying on my audiovisual background and field experience I am able to choose the ideal type of visual art to tell each story.
Every story is unique and therefore must be told in its own unique way.
I develop concepts through these different kinds of arts by undergoing deep interaction with users through interviews, shadowing and other research methods so I can take a close look of their world.
Once I build an empathetic relationship with them I can understand their pains and with my visual art tool box I translate those to my audience to have a better understanding of the users world.

Visual storyteller by heart,
                                             Researcher by experience


What is a good design for you?

A good design is when it doesn't need explanation

Who or what inspires you?

Music, light, and movement

How do you approach a new project?

By asking : why? how? for who ?

Have you changed during your studies? How?

Now I have a broader knowledge on what and how is a good design and how it is applied

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