Lilli Minhoff

BOA, an ethical, sustainable fashion brand that is addressing numerous problems in the fashion Industry. Ouroborus is the brand‘s logo that aims to establish the concept that nothing is a waste and can is reusable in some way. Ouroborus is embodied by the snake boa, which is also the Brands Name. The snake with its ability to shed its skin is a symbol of change. I have created the first small collection from recycled, unwanted garments and sustainable fabrics. The aim is to satisfy the consumer‘s need to own new clothes without being morally reprehensible. Besides, the hashtag #FreeClothingExchange will create a space where people can swap their old clothes for someone else‘s old clothes. The brand‘s Instagram page also posts information threads that alert viewers to the problems that exist in the fashion industry. This provides a space to get informed to make ethical fashion a standard. The Brands Concept Keywords are Sustainability, Diversity, and Futuristic.

Lilli Minhoff

Lilli Minhoff is a visual artist who was born in Berlin the 22.02.2000. After her bilingual school education, she began studying Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Europe BTK in 2017. In the sixth semester, at 19 years old, she completed her internship at the Festival of Lights Berlin. After her graduation, she wants to follow her passion and work internationally as an artist. She will also continue working on BOA.

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Antje Franziska 2021-02-27 12:39:20

Wonderful - fantastic - great! Congratulation!

Dorothea Sophie Franz