Spónn [Best-of-Prize]

Íris Rán Ægisdóttir

SPÓNN (old Icelandic word for spoon): A font inspired by the 16th century Icelandic font Höfðaletur (Icelandic for Head-Letters). By researching the detailed history and evolution of the Icelandic font Höfðaletur, Íris Rán Ægisdóttir’s concept explores the potential for bringing this historical, experimental font into contemporary design. She questions the visuality and functionality of letters, looking at when letters are read and when they are viewed as visual shapes. Spónn Typeface has three styles: regular, serif and experimental. It is designed with modular shapes inspired from common features found within many of Höfðaletur’s alphabets. Spónn is a new, evolutional typeface that is linked to the past and is brought into the present.

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