Inescapable Attack

Gökçen Kavuk

The installation INESCAPABLE ATTACK is a socio-cultural art therapy project that visualizes the fear instilled by an authoritarian regime in the female body. The series considers the body as a healing tool, focusing on perceptions of boundaries and energy barriers. Using a light bulb as a metaphor for trapped energy, the project presents ten photographs of the artist's father in prison that convey anxiety, depression, and panic. Through this very personal display of material, the artist strives to bring autobiographical elements to the fore, creating a shared sense of narrative rather than suppressing her emotions. The artist's intent is to capture the reactions of the body on both a mental and physical level as she is forced to confront the consequences of existence within an authoritarian regime.

Gökçen Kavuk

Gokcen Kavuk is a Turkish photographer based in Berlin. She is inspired by the sociological and psychological interactions of the human body with the environment. Her work explores and reframes cultural identity, body – trauma relationship, and human – urban interactions. She uses photography as a medium to understand the consequences of the human body’s relationship with the risks in urban areas and the changes caused by it. In her self portrait projects, she focuses primarily on perception and memory with positioning the body through socio-political problems. Using the female body as a provocative tool, the artist seeks to create new forms by avoiding stereotypes.

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