Emily Grundon

PARTICLE is a digital application that empowers individuals to cultivate a more diverse understanding of world events. With disinformation campaigns and targeted digital agendas more prevalent today than ever before, having access to a diverse range of news sources with clarity and control is paramount. The app functions as a news aggregator which simultaneously tracks the user's browsing habits in realtime. Whether it be political bias or general topics, the user is encouraged to shift their 'Particle Identity' by adding and removing sources, thus attaining a broader range of information. PARTICLE encourages users to form their own opinion on world events rather than succumbing to potential media manipulation or false and inaccurate reporting.

Emily Grundon

I am a designer and visual artist based in Berlin, Germany. Prior to focusing on design, I studied Documentary Photography—this experience taught me the power of utilising visual mediums to convey a response to global issues. My work now predominantly focuses on design, yet is still informed by substantial research relating to subjects of cultural and social significance. I believe design can be used as a catalyst for positive social change and I am currently exploring the changing nature of identity in an ever-connected and data-driven world.

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pat 2020-08-07 19:33:00

Nice! Which programms did you work with?

Xuxian Ren