It Flies, Invisible

Ece Merve Terzi

Ece Merve Terzi travelled to Turkey to find out more about her family history. She visited the birth place of her mother and met her aunts and uncles for the first time. Terzi realised how little she actually knew both about her mother’s past and what she has personally inherited from her culture that has shaped her identity. In her project, she explores questions of belonging, time, and space. It is a collection of photographs that reflect the fragmentation of how we see and remember our present and past. Bridging these gaps and building her own understanding of the past involves tracing what was absent from it. To reveal this opens a space for new beginnings. Arriving at these new beginnings, she feels like a stranger in a world that she will never be able to unveil or fully understand. While, at the same time, everything feels so familiar, as if she has been there before.

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