Franz Engert

This Project is a 3D-CGI-Musicvideo.

The title "Collision" refers to four aspects colliding in this film:

  1. Idyll and Destruction
  2. Medieval Age and Technology
  3. Realism and Surrealism
  4. The car crash itself

In Idyll everything before the crash is harmonized and beautiful vs after the crash everything is destroyed. The collision in here is the rebuilding of the destroyed world into the idyll world.

Secondly on one hand there is the medieval age, where we have an old market, a carrier, an hunter using his fingers to play a musical instrument. On the other hand, the technology side, there is a modernized car instead of the carrier, a woman using her fingers for typing data in to notebook. The collision hereby is already seen during the first shots. There are hidden objects placed like Busstops, Laptops, Ipads in the medieval world and axes, shields and a chest in the modern world.

The third collision in this project is the realism, which is mainly shown in the idyll world. A Crash dummy which gets seated into a car to crash is realistic. A crash dummy brought to life and putting on a audioreactive sphere is surrealistic.

The last collision in this project is the car crash. It defines as a collision itself.

To watch the uncompressed version, click the following link:

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