The Tale of Latin American Beauty

Daisa Teixeira Jerônimo

THE TALE OF Latin American BEAUTY is a visual project that instigates a question…

Taking into consideration the centuries of colonization and beauty patterns imposed into Latin America, more often than not a break of expectations, either too much Latina or not Latina enough. So here is the question: How should we look like?

A sense of lack of identification from us, when we also don't fit those said expectations portrait for so long, a misplaced identity, and search for our place and voice.'

The reductive stereotypes don't make justice to the diversity of Latin American beauties, this project has the intention to question those stereotypes and reveal real Latinas as they want to be portrayed in the form of Lenticular prints that have this effect of revealing us.

Daisa Teixeira Jerônimo

A lens-based artist from Brazil who expresses herself through visual creation.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

Honestly, I want to become a professor and share knowledge. I believe that in 20 years that is possible and would give me enough time to learn much more and grow as a person and an artist.

What is a good design for you?

Good art, for me, is capable of evoking emotion, and even greater art would even induce questions. Provoke an expansion of horizons, as the public would be introduced to another perspective. I think the end is about being memorable, preferably with a positive impact.

What was the most challenging experience during your studies?

Working with other people could be difficult given that most of my work during the pandemic was a self-portrait, as there are many factors to consider and make happen, organize, and unforeseen beyond my reach.

Who or what inspires you?

I could go for the easy answer, which is also right: my mom, although she is not an artist, did right to have her own career even when most people around her didn't believe she would ever succeed.
But artistically speaking, this particular project was very inspired by Cindy Sherman's series of stereotyped portraits.
And, it is not exactly about inspiration, but the need to create. In this particular case, I needed to foment this discussion about Latina Identity, something I found to be much more in-depth than me my bubble, but a symptom of the 'upbringing' of Latin America, which reflects this day in form of stereotypes and misplaced identity.
* in the thesis this subject is widely discussed *

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