Spree Park Berlin

Prof. Emily Smith

A Prototype for potential identity direction for the future Spree Park Berlin, 2018 . In cooperation with Grün Berlin gmbh, the Spreepark, the former amusement park located in the heart of the forest next to the Spree is transformed again into an open and lively space for all Berliners. Together with the city, Grün Berlin is realizing a vision of a new kind of park in close exchange of ideas with its residents, which will bring the forces of Berlin - art, culture in a nature worthy of protection - to life. Together Grün Berlin, for 15 weeks, students developed potential namings, wayfinding, branding, programming concepts, and other visual systems to identify the future park. The new identity should connect with stakeholders in an experimental, contemporary way — an experience that is open to everyone and opens up new perspectives.

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