Deutsche Post DHL Group

Saad Minhas, Camilo Andres Garzon Donoso, Laurin Holz

The DEUTSCHE POST DHL GROUP is a German multinational package delivery and supply chain management company headquartered in Bonn, Germany. It is the world's largest courier company and the successor to the former German mail authority Deutsche Bundespost.
The challenge for the students was to investigate, explore and subsequently develop product strategy concepts (both current and speculative) for the Deutsche Post DHL Group brand from one of three approaches:
The end-to-end overall customer experience moving beyond a Deutsche Post store.
The end-to-end experience of sending and receiving items from a business perspective (for example an e-commerce enterprise).
A speculative approach to the end-to-end customer experience in 5-10 years (based on researched developments and trends).
Through the use of primary (engaging with users) and secondary research, students must identify potential avenues for product strategy that take into account:
The changing landscape of customer needs and experiences.
Sustainability and climate change.
The development of digital tools as well as physical touch points.
The project was carried out by Saad Minhas, Camilo Andres Garzon Donoso, Laurin Holz.

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Ragna Arndt-Marić, Marleen Hahn, Ilka Pappenscheller, Nick Pleger, Aurel Salzer, Merve Terzi