Arundhati Shenoy

Arundhati Shenoy's photo series "COSMIC DREAMS" takes you through a journey. It is an attempt to evoke a connection with the otherworldly, the liminal and an imaginary reality through photographs. Inspired by personal dreams, visions and influenced by concepts of surreal photography, the images are depicted in unique atmospheres using different elements. Blue dominates the photos to encapsulate the link with the eternity and beyond as well as detachment from the earthly. The series not only challenges the rational thought but also encourages the viewer to freedom of imagination.

Arundhati Shenoy

I am a 21 year old photographer from Mumbai, India. Besides photography I also enjoy doing yoga, meditation, meeting new people and travelling.

Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

20 years is a long time from now but I see myself travelling around the world working on photography assignments.

What is a good design for you?

Simple, Innovative and Visually pleasing.

What was the most challenging experience during your studies?

The most challenging experience during my studies was all the responsibilities that came along the way. It was my first time living alone or away from my family. A challenging atmosphere to manage everything that comes as a Non Eu student and living alone in Berlin. Nonetheless, this helped me become independent.

Who or what inspires you?

I am inspired by everything around me. Be it people, places, experiences or nature. There is not a specific source of inspiration. I observe my surroundings.

How do you approach a new project?

When I take up a specific project I begin by brainstorming and photographing. I note down all the ideas I have and then research and find sources for inspiration. This makes my creativity flow better.

What advice would you give to students who just started studying in your programme?

My advice to students who just started would be to make use of the opportunities during your studies at the UE. To view the assignments not as a burden but as a space to be creative and a source of inspiration for your photographic progress. Reading theory and research is also very essential during your studies.

Have you changed during your studies? How?

Yes, a lot! I have learnt a lot about myself during this process of studying photography. It helped me come out of my comfort zone, made me confident and also helped me overcome my fear of public speaking. I am thankful for these experiences and opportunities that I received along the way.

Why did you choose to study in your programme?

Ever since I was 14 I had decided that I want to become a photographer. It is something that I have always strived for and I am passionate about. I chose Berlin to study photography because it is a hub for artists and well known . Besides that I was also keen about learning a new language.

What are you not going to miss in your studies?

Honestly speaking when I look back now I don't think there is something that I will not miss. Everything has helped me move forward in the right direction.

How are you going to celebrate your graduation?

Dinner with friends and a glass of good wine.

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Soph 2023-01-29 00:14:53

Absolutely incredible 😍😍😍 well done for everything over these past years, you made it!

Yash Sharma 2023-01-28 11:21:26

Stunning photographs! A very well arranged portfolio!!

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