Nishanth Kumar

For MIND-FIT, Nishanth Kumar – in a collaborative effort with Abhishek Pal and Manasi Pandkar – draws on the fact that times have changed when talking about mental health. Nowadays, mental health is getting attention in equal measure as physical awareness, with talking about it not being the taboo anymore it used to be.

MIND-FIT helps smartphone users synchronize/harvest data across different apps, and aims to help self-track (almost) every area of our lives without any wearables, identifying and flaging early signs of increasing stress, anxiety, depression, etc. The app also provides insight into what is driving those changes and aims to promote a healthy mind & body.

MIND-FIT uses various apps and IoT to collect data. The app creators believe a lot of value lies in connecting these apps and their data to help users self-track in order to create awareness and aid healing.

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