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Elisa 2021-03-15 20:50:03

Hi! is really nice to see all these works, amazing things! congratulations!

Isabell 2021-02-17 19:50:12


Lino 2021-02-15 15:41:12

Hat mir sehr gut gefallen!, Grus aus Iserlohn

EVELYN 2021-02-13 16:11:55

Wir sind begeistert von der Vielfalt der Themen der BA/MA Projekte. Alles Gute für alle 190 (!) Absolvent:innen aus Hamburg und Berlin!

Melina Sabalioti 2021-02-13 15:14:26

Thank you for the professional realization of this virtual exhibition. It is really impressive. So much creativity, so much energy! Congratulations to all of the young artists here. ♡

zumi 2021-02-12 23:02:28


David Perkins 2021-02-12 22:10:13

Awesome great job.

Arnd 2021-02-12 22:07:30

Dear young artists, I missed today's presentation but that's all very creativ an inspiring. Keep moving

Carina 2021-02-12 21:02:15

So many great projects! Congrats to all of you and my best wishes for whatever you're up to next!

Bob 2021-02-12 20:57:54

Well done Ella. Congrats on your graduation. Wishing you all the best in your field. Looking forward to seeing you sometime soon. Until then. Peace and love

Maurits van Rooijen 2021-02-12 20:37:59

Congratulations, this is so impressive, so professionally done and refreshingly original. Really well done. Makes me proud to be the rector.

Saskia 2021-02-12 20:32:57

Great great show you guys! Congrats to everyone and I'm confident you'll be finding your path as artists.

MAIKE 2021-02-12 20:11:49

super exhibition! wäre zu gerne auch mitten drinn!!

Serge and Chris 2021-02-12 19:26:29

Awesome pieces of work. Congrats to everybody!!

Mary Ann Bobosky 2021-02-12 19:15:21

So proud of Ella Kraimer❤️

Dennis | Gamecity Hamburg 2021-02-12 19:05:42

A wide variety of compelling final projects. Congratulations to all graduates and the best of luck as you move on to the next level!

zumi 2021-02-12 19:05:27

the movie "hiraeth" made me feel uneasy and melancholic but also included. I love how it speaks about our generation instead of excluding it which happens to us all the time. The video speaks about one but many topics. I had chills and tears while watching this and i'm amazed by the masking at the beginning (the earth in the eye). If a video could convince me to go to this university it would be this one. The girl that's speaking has a soothing voice (but the smacking triggered me D:) The aesthetics, the topic, the robotic voice, the articles, the background music, the protagonist, the editing.. literally everything about this is amazing.

Gustav 2021-02-12 19:00:43

Well done!

Mike Brown USA 2021-02-12 18:58:03


Mert 2021-02-12 18:57:47

Well done Gokcen!

zumi 2021-02-12 18:55:42

i love the project called 'angst' :v

vivianne, ella, maki 2021-02-12 18:54:46

awesome !!!

Dennis 2021-02-09 16:18:27

This is awesome

Dennis 2021-02-09 16:18:21