The Bachelor and Master graduates of the University of Europe for Applied Sciences (UE) cordially invite you to special exhibitions for the study programmes Film & Motion Design, Illustration, Photography & New Media, Communication Design, Game Design, Visual & Experience Design and Innovation Design Management on Friday, 15th July 2022. On this occasion, the Department of Art & Design will open up the Berlin and Hamburg Campus, and the Innovation Hub in Potsdam from 7 pm. Friends of art and design are cordially invited to take this important step together with the graduates and to explore the final projects on campus. The multi-layered themes not only reflect the zeitgeist of our turbulent world, but also deal with the significant issues that are becoming more and more relevant.



Friday, 15/07/2022

Vernissage: 7 p.m.


Campus Hamburg → Museumstraße 39

Campus Berlin → Dessauer Str. 3–5

All information will be announced on our homepage in due time:


Hamburg BA
Antonia Albert, Bennet Kuhlmann, Chris Zander , Falk Blunck, Jannis Lange, Javier Martelli, Julius Maximilian Ströhlein, Kaja Doose, Katharina Bøggild, Katharina de Witt, Laris Wahlers, Laura Dilling, Leander Schmidt, Lennart Knüppel, Leon Römer, Lina Pittelkow, Lisa Herdtweck, Luisa Wilhelmsen, Lukas Arter, Marcia Farah Estevez Trautner, Marja Lisa Groos, Merve Selcuk, Miguel Ribeiro da Saude, Nadine Lührs, Niclas Robering, Philip Comberg, Robin Jünemann, Ronja Knauer, Sandy Schmidt, Sebastian Sengstock, Sina Stärk, Sophie Berg , Tonia Feldtmann, Torben Mietzner, Yanis Knop

Berlin BA
Adeline HeuzÈ, Aicha Traore, Alessandra Arcos Nasser, Alisa Odegova, Anika Zachow, Connor Roach, Dana Taraben, Daria Mensharaeva, Elena Chergilanova, Engin Elvan, Erik Faltermann, Fabio De Saldanha, Frederikke Brandt, Geovanna Molina Taco, Isabel Von Der Ahe, Itamar Kerner, Ivan Bogomolov, Jan Vu, Junjie Zhang, Junlong Li, Justin Christopher Springer, Kip Nathaniel Eden Martin, Lili Bieniasz, Luisa Claaßens, Marco Jaime Silvestri, Maria Jose Robles Rodero, Mariami Tevzadze, Marta Ibanez Jimenez, Maximilian Lindner, Merle Cooper, Miriam Gonzalez Andrade, My Ngoc Le, Natacha Elanor Steyn, Nicole Danzfuss, Oskar Fabritz, Pia Belitz, Rahul Sharma, Robert Lˆffler, Sajba Disha, Thays Freitas, Tlamelo Mogopa, Ulli Burger, Vanessa Biersbach, Vitalina Makorevych, Yannick Schröger

Berlin MA
Alrabadi Taimour Bashar Eid, Alzeyat Ahmed, Arango De LarraÑaga Felipe, Chukwuebuka Emenike, Cordeiro Moraes Juliana, Dessimoz Maria Denise, Elliott Charis Allene, Freitas Thays, Ghadirinasab Arefeh, Hoy Katherine, Iregui Acosta Carmen Elisa, Jagadeesh Karri, Jantarsook Suteemon, Ka Wing Vivian Lu, Kabirimajd Sepehr, Kassab Maria, Kaur Amandeep, Kim Jungwon, Krastev Martina, Ladrón de Guevara Baeza Jedibe Halit, Liu Yan, Singh Aryan Tsang Ka Pik, Wagler Rachelle

Innovation Hub MA (Potsdam)
Ahsan Iftikhar, Ajas Abu, Akhil Dev, Amal Cheruchunda Kkattil, Andrea MarÌa Macian Burillo Animita Guha, Arshdeep Singh Alias Avjit Singh, Baalashri Manoranjan, Bahara Muradi, Cathrin Yesudas Elenjiyil, Clara Jungblut, Dhwaj Kumar, Ekin Birol, Erick Hernandez Zamora, Gala Topic, Ghazaleh Tabatabaei Pour, Harshini Karunaratna, Hueseyin Karaoglu, Jakob Wiemer, John Simon, Levent Simsek, Lou-Anne Camille LalÈ, Mahsa Ahmadian, Mahsa Matinpour, Manveer Kaur, Mayra Ximena Hernandez Gutierrez, Mohanan Chithra Saraniya, Pichsinee Piriyapalin, Piyarat Watsana, Rashi Jain, Revathy Sudheer, Sachin Hukum Jamdade, Sadhana Suresh, Salome Gvilia, Sandra Elizabeth Gonzalez Flores, Shankh Chatterjee, Shreya Patil, Tanvi Manjunath, Tinatin Egiashvili, Vishnuram Ezhil Paari, Waylon Anthony Rajeev D Mello, Yara Halawi


On-campus events in Hamburg, Berlin, Potsdam
The exhibitions at the three campuses show how the budding artists and designers express and develop themselves and stand for a new idea of togetherness. For the first time in a long time, three vernissages are planned on site: at the Berlin Campus, the Hamburg Campus and the Innovation Hub in Potsdam. The exhibitions at the campuses are open to all and the works of the graduates can be physically viewed. The artists and designers are on site as well. We look forward to seeing you and to have a toast on the works of our students. Please follow the landing page on the ArchivUE platform for more information and updates.

A digital platform independent of location and time: ArchivUE
This year again, a group of students and alumni have joined the research project with Steffen Klaue and Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp under the direction of Evelyn Solinski, which was launched in 2020. Together with the alumni Dennis Josek, Amit Heyman and the students Pia Roespel and Florian Lange, the platform and the appearance of the respective semester will be further developed and sustainably realized.
With the now successfully established digital platform ArchivUE, an innovative, cross-location and technically sophisticated archive has been created in which the final projects of the students of the Department of Art & Design are collected and presented in the long term. The expansion of the collection of work from the Department of Business, Sport, Psychology and Media, as well as student work with renowned cooperation partners and national and international award-winning work will also be presented in ArchivUE from now on.


Currently, the ArchivUE research team is working on questions and methods of implementation around an AI. How can material that is made accessible, with the help of text, images, sound, video, 360-degree recordings as well as in representations of virtual spaces, be made legible in an artistic-scientific context? The further development of the ArchivUE and the implementation of AI in the existing search function are taking place on the path to the cluster of excellence against the background of currently relevant scientific and artistic questions.


In this graduation year, a group of UE students and alumni have joined the research project for the fourth time under the direction of the artistic-scientific staff members Evelyn Solinski and Steffen Klaue and Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp. Together with students Pia Roespel, Florian Lange and alumni Amit Heyman, Dennis Josek and Alexander Mosorow, they have further developed the ArchivUE platform.

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Florian Lange

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