WE MISS GETTING LOST – the University of Europe for Applied Sciences invites you to a virtual exhibition with live vernissage on 12th February 2021 at 6 pm. At, around 190 projects from the Berlin and Hamburg campuses of the Faculty of Art & Design from the winter semester 20/21 will be presented as part of the UE Campus in the Cloud initiative.
Through the platform, an innovative and technically sophisticated archive has been created under the name ARCHIVUE, which collects the student theses and presents them permanently to the public and professional world. The multi-facetted works highlight relevant societal, social, political and artistic topics.
In addition to an exhibition architecture that looks back and symbolically visualizes an eventful year under the motto WE MISS GETTING LOST, the platform will be expanded to include an AI-supported and intelligent search function.



We miss getting lost

Friday, 12/02/2021

Interactive Live Vernissage: 6 p.m.


Since the Rundgänge cannot take place physically at the campuses as usual, the Faculty of Art & Design has coordinated all its efforts to bring the new Digital Publishing Platform to life, to present the final work, in the summer of 2020.
In this special graduation year, a group of UE students and alumni have now joined this research project for the second time, under the direction of the artistic-scientific researchers Evelyn Solinski and Steffen Klaue as well as Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp and project manager Rana Öztürk. Together with the students Amit Heyman, Teona Kokhodze, Jannis Lange, Pia Roespel and Luisa Wilhelmsen as well as UE alumni Dennis Josek and Alexander Morosow, an innovative platform has been developed that explores the ways of digital publishing. WE MISS GETTING LOST became the motto for a project implemented at a time when space, as well as movement within it, are being rethought. The sustainable design of visual possibilities of unity through exhibitions, publication as well as dialogue and making projects readable are being rediscovered.
Bachelor's and Master's projects from the study programmes Film & Motion Design B.A., Photography B.A., Illustration B.A., Game Design B.A., Communication Design B.A., Photography M.A., Media Spaces M.A., Visual & Experience Design M.A., Innovation Design Management M.A. will be shown.
The exhibition opening will be live and interactive.
Furthermore, the Alma del Banco Award will be presented for the fourth time by the FORUM FÜR KÜNSTLERNACHLÄSSE (FKN) in recognition of the best Bachelor's project in the field of Art & Design in Hamburg. The FKN is dedicated to the promotion of art, the cultivation and preservation of cultural values and the support of artists in Hamburg and Northern Germany.
The renowned jury members from areas of art, culture and design are Andy Heller (editor), Emmanuel Mir (artist, curator and art scholar), Ayhan Salar (curator and filmmaker).
We are happy to announce that the BA/MA EXHIBITION will take place in virtual spaces and invite you to interact and to the show.


With the ARCHIVUE platform, an innovative, cross-locational and technically sophisticated archive has been created, in which all final projects of the students of the Faculty of Art & Design are collected and presented on a long-term basis. The expansion of the collection from previous semesters, as well as student works that have emerged from collaboration with renowned cooperation partners and special projects that have won national or international awards, is planned for March 2021.


Project Management: Rana Öztürk
Design & structure: Evelyn Solinski
Technical implementation: Steffen Klaue, Prof. Dr. Lauritz Lipp
Editing: Thorsten Geyer, Dr. Dr. Valerie Riepe


Amit Heyman
Teona Kokhodze
Miguel Ribeiro Da Saude (1st phase)


Dennis Josek
Alexander Morozov
Sunil Machetti (1st phase)
Rob Rothenpieler (1st phase)

Data collection, image processing, text editing

Pia Roespel
Luisa Wilhelmsen
Khira Niemeier (1st phase)
Sophia Kühle (1st phase)

Key image

Teona Kokhodze
Amit Heyman

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