Tiana Rochelle Anglin

As technology becomes more advanced in various areas including the arts, it is becoming increasingly important for artists working with traditional medium to remain intact with their practice while maintaining relevance in the digital sphere.

Nuvirtu is an artist centred platform that provides exposure for upcoming traditional artists by connecting them with collectors and galleries.


Platforms that currently exist for the sale of art and exposure and connection of artists suffer from being either inaccessible for the artist or too broad of a network to give focus to traditional the arts. 

A comparative analysis shows that, oftentimes, artists have to navigate through galleries in order to get exposure and sales on larger platforms. Platforms that do exist for artists to connect and gain exposure on their own have too broad of a network to give focus to the traditional arts. This makes it seem, therefore, like artists have to get over an unclimbable wall in order to attain success.


Nuvirtu is an equal opportunity platform that allows traditional artists to shine in the age of technology. Through networking and project sharing, it provides a digital space for artists, galleries and collectors to connect, share and grow. 

Through daily features highlighted on the application’s landing page, each artist on the platform gets an opportunity to be seen, whether by virtue of their medium, subject matter, cultural background and so much more. 

The platform also provides a space for galleries to scout out artists working in traditional medium, announce upcoming events and connect with their collectors. 

Collectors have the opportunity to connect with their favourite artists and galleires and stay up to date with the latest trends and talents in the contemporary art scene.

The platform additionally provides an e-commerce functionality, empowering artists and galleries to seamlessly showcase and monetize creations.


The app is anticipated to expose, inform and unite persons in this particular creative sector. Its goal is to remove any insecurity within the growing digital space and instead, use this advancing technology to empower members of the art world through an elegant and thoughtful approach.

Tiana Rochelle Anglin

Painter and UI Designer

What is a good design for you?

Good design is elegant, intuitive and solves important problems.

What advice would you give to students who just started studying in your programme?

Pace yourselves and treat each assignment like a real world project, worthy of displaying in your portfolio.

Have you changed during your studies? How?

Definitely. Having a foundation in visual arts, particularly painting, allowed me to embrace rule-breaking and paint with a sense of freedom. However, delving into design has pushed me to be more rule-conscious. I've fostered a heightened appreciation for detail in the process.

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